Baby Talk Magazine

How does a family with triplets (and a 4-year-old) deal with life’s little surprises? One at a time.

For 22 months Sharon and Max Whaley tried in vain to conceived a second child. Hoping to give Mother Nature a nudge, Sharon’s doctor sent her home with a prescription for Clomid–a medication that stimulates ovulation. After several months of treatment, Sharon discovered that she was pregnant with not one but three healthy boys.”We were shocked,” Sharon recalls. “We knew there was a statistical chance of a multiple birth, but we simply were not prepared.” As for firstborn son, Conner, he took his new housemates in stride. “He was 3 years old when the triplets were born and thought that every family had three babies,” Sharon says. “When he saw a woman with one newborn, he asked where the others were.” At least once, however, Conner let it be known that he felt put out at sharing Mom and Dad. “Can you take Mommy back to the hospital and put the babies back?” he asked Max. For Complete Story Click Here.


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