Our Solution to Dyslexia


When I tell other parents that I drive an hour each way to take my son, Henry, to school, most think I’m crazy. But most don’t have a child with a learning disability. If they did, they would realize that an hour drive is a small price to pay to watch a child whose self-esteem was in tatters, not only thrive emotionally but also excel academically.

Most people—educators included—don’t grasp what it means to have a learning disability. Henry’s third grade teacher certainly didn’t. She was quick to tell me that my son was lazy and disengaged.

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2 thoughts on “Our Solution to Dyslexia

  1. You are speaking (and writing) my language! Especially about the hour drive! Thank you for vocalizing the issues and opportunities. In New Jersey, we have The Craig School in Mountain Lakes; it is a life-saver.

    Wish that we could meet for a cup of tea; we’d have lots to talk about!

    ~Marybeth Soutar

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