Escape to Lake Tahoe

I grew up on skiing.  For the better part of two decades, my parents, my brothers and I would fly to Colorado for our yearly powder fix.  But we also relished the gourmet dining, lively entertainment and great shopping. This was the only way I knew a ski town to be. So years later, 1997 to be exact, when I ventured up to Lake Tahoe for the first time, I was, well, confused. Where were all the fashionable boutiques, upscale eateries, and other apres ski hot spots?   In my mind, a take-and-bake pizza shop, a Hanes underwear outlet, and a strip mall bar did not exactly scream sophisticated resort town. The skiing was decent, but the infrastructure left much to be desired.  But over the next decade, and into the current one, Tahoe has slowly but surely reinvented itself.  Click to read more.


What’s New this Ski Season

imagesSki season is upon us, and despite a sluggish economy, resorts have been quietly pouring millions into updatesand additions at locations throughout the West. And it appears those investments are paying off. Last year, according to the National Ski Areas Association, lift ticket sales exceeded $60 million, shattering the old record set in the 2007–2008 ski season. What this means for skiers this season is more lifts, more terrain and more places to put up your tired feet after the ski day. Here’s what you can expect. Click here for complete article


Wired Magazine

This is the tale of my offsprings first foray into social media. Click here for online version of the story.

How to Build a Better Mouse Trip

From the time my son Henry could string together a sentence, he’s been asking for a trip to Disney. So like it or not, I knew we’d be making the pilgrimage, though I admit I wasn’t excited by the prospect. I’m not a planner, I hate crowds, and I detest waiting in lines. All I’d been warned were inescapable realities of a Disney Vacation. I also hate families that dress is matching outfits, but I was willing to overlook this minor pet peeve, if I could find my way around the bigger issues. Was it possible to take a Disney Vacation without the horror of lines, stress and wall-to-wall tourists? I decided to put on my investigative camp and find out. Click Here For Complete Article

NWA World Traveler

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Dealing With Separation Anxiety: BabyCenter.Com

Wasn’t it delicious when your infant preferred you to anyone else on the planet? Now that your child is bigger, though, and he falls apart whenever you head to the bathroom without him, his attachment seems downright obsessive. Hang in there. He’s experiencing separation anxiety, a developmental phase that nearly all children go through (sometimes more than once) during their early years. And, thankfully, it isn’t permanent. Click here to read more. 

Battle Hymn of the Kitten Mom: Patch

In this edition of Moms Talk, a local mom offers a unique take on the oft-debated subject of Amy Chua and her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

I am the polar opposite of the Tiger Mom: a kitten mom. My kids don’t get straight A’s, play concert piano or quarterback the football team. But when they do manage to ace an exam, play an earsplitting rendition of Hot Cross Buns, or score a touchdown, we praise them as if they’ve just won a Pulitzer prize. We are one of those families that celebrates mediocrity. Click here to read more.

Chicago Tribune

The Nintendo Wii has been called revolutionary. Instead of grooming another generation of couch potatoes, the gaming system, which replicates real-world motions such as swinging a tennis racket, running track or throwing a bowling ball, differentiates itself from the competition because it inspires gamers to get up and get moving. But there’s a flip side: This virtual workout can result in real-time aches and pains.

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SF Chronicle

Many public school parents get frustrated when faced with the ever-shrinking budgets and the endless calls to raise cash. For, even with all our fundraising, if our kid is talented enough to earn a part in the school play, we have to fork over more money to pay for the honor. Otherwise, no funds for sets, costumes or playbills. Given this sad state of affairs, I’m wholly in favor of fundraising. However, I’m a little fed up with some of the tactics, and I’m strongly considering a boycott.

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Baby Talk Magazine

How does a family with triplets (and a 4-year-old) deal with life’s little surprises? One at a time.

For 22 months Sharon and Max Whaley tried in vain to conceived a second child. Hoping to give Mother Nature a nudge, Sharon’s doctor sent her home with a prescription for Clomid–a medication that stimulates ovulation. After several months of treatment, Sharon discovered that she was pregnant with not one but three healthy boys.”We were shocked,” Sharon recalls. “We knew there was a statistical chance of a multiple birth, but we simply were not prepared.” As for firstborn son, Conner, he took his new housemates in stride. “He was 3 years old when the triplets were born and thought that every family had three babies,” Sharon says. “When he saw a woman with one newborn, he asked where the others were.” At least once, however, Conner let it be known that he felt put out at sharing Mom and Dad. “Can you take Mommy back to the hospital and put the babies back?” he asked Max. For Complete Story Click Here.

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