This 1895 home is All Victorian Eye Candy Outside and Modern Efficiency Inside

More than a decade ago, Kristen and Luis Peña purchased their 1895 Victorian in Noe Valley. For the stylish young couple and their then-2-year-old daughter, Sadie, the family-friendly neighborhood was a perfect fit, though the charming old house had many flaws.

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Have Dog, Will Travel

Destination: The Greater Palm Springs Area

If you’re planning a trip to Palm Springs, cancel that kennel reservation. In an effort to increase tourism, Palm Springs area locals are rolling out the red carpet for your oft-forgotten family member. Click here to read full Marin Magazine article,

Building Green

Sustainable construction is on the rise in Wine Country, as residents and entrepreneurs work to preserve the area’s timeless beauty.

rd_bardessono_0904_335In 1905, author Jack London established Beauty Ranch in Glen Ellen, an early (albeit failed) attempt at sustainable agriculture. This type of environmentally conscious thinking continues to resonate with Napa and Sonoma Valley residents today. With an expanding list of professionals specializing in green building, it’s easy for everyone to be part of the solution. Plus, with so much talent in the area, there’s no need to sacrifice form for function. Skeptical? Check out a handful of Wine Country’s ever-growing pool of eco-friendly structures, from hotels and wineries to a school. Then, go pay them a visit. You’ll surely be enlightened.

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The Redo List

BlueStar Kitchen_UltraViolet.jpg

This BlueStar range comes in endless  colors and adds a pop of color to a monochromatic space.






What’s New in Portland



Portland’s economy is booming. According to one estimate, the Oregon city will see a 40 percent increase in hotel rooms by 2020, and new businesses are popping up faster than you can say “Where have all the lumberjacks gone?” Here are some spots worth visiting on your next trip north.

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Marin Magazine Home Design: Monthly Column

Cover1HomeRsz-52337d14In January of 2017, I began writing a monthly column on home design for Marin Magazine. This gig marries my two passions, writing and renovating. The assignment: Profile families who have recently moved to Marin or recently completed an extensive remodeling project. The photography and layout is exponentially better in the print version. But since you’re likely here to  review my writing style,  please look past the art direction.

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For kids with dysgraphia, bad handwriting is just the tip of the iceberg.

downloadBy Dawn Margolis Denberg

Few people recognize dysgraphia for what it is—an enormous stumbling block to academic success. Microsoft Word certainly doesn’t get it. I type “dysgraphic,” and my word processor flags it as a spelling error.

My son has dysgraphia, but there was a time when I didn’t get it either. Doctors are notorious for their illegible handwriting. If they can sail through school with a chicken scratch scrawl, well then, why worry?

What I didn’t realize is that for kids with dysgraphia, bad handwriting is just the tip of the iceberg.

The bigger issue for my son is the way dysgraphia weakens his ability to think clearly when writing. How it makes him struggle to put his thoughts down on paper.






Tales Untold Presents: Trunk Show

Screenshot 2015-05-14 09.58.17Annie’s got a lot on her mind.

A six-year-old girl with a big mouth and an even bigger heart, Annie isn’t shy about sharing her life lessons.

Mom’s work takes her away from home every week, leaving Annie to rely on her mom’s special childhood keepsakes–stored in an old, mysterious trunk–to guide her through all the things a girl her age needs to learn.

From dealing with the popular crowd to trying new food, follow along as Annie fills you in on the people and events in the world around her. Maybe even in the world around you, too. Click here to here the first episode or download the complete series using the Tales Untold App for $7.

Remodeling Revelations

001_MM_0415noUPC_cropped-b3acd829From high-sheen smoked glass cabinets to coffee bars, we asked the experts to tell us what’s hot.

OUR HOMES DO more than provide shelter. They reflect the needs, personalities and lifestyles of the people who inhabit them. So unless you’ve designed your place from scratch, there’s likely a project or 20 you’re contemplating to make your space more fully your own. To inspire you, we asked local experts for the latest and greatest home renovation trends. Click to read more.

Our Solution to Dyslexia


When I tell other parents that I drive an hour each way to take my son, Henry, to school, most think I’m crazy. But most don’t have a child with a learning disability. If they did, they would realize that an hour drive is a small price to pay to watch a child whose self-esteem was in tatters, not only thrive emotionally but also excel academically.

Most people—educators included—don’t grasp what it means to have a learning disability. Henry’s third grade teacher certainly didn’t. She was quick to tell me that my son was lazy and disengaged.

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